Listless Murmuring

by Kav

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Rite III


released March 28, 2015

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Track Name: I Dreamt of Licking Black Flames
placed in the pit
hands bound, heads down
drawn to the circle of bliss
the worms cried out
the kindling set
the mocking laughter rose

four black words written backwards and bleeding
i saw their stink and
in their twisting and burning
i saw them reach out, saw them weep
hands clutching and yearning
for mercy

i watched them suffer
Track Name: I Dreamt of Gnawing Black Rats
and your lord, he cursed me

i was devoured by a lesser soul
he cut me as he spoke my name
he took from me all i was
and gave me nothing

destroy me
for i know nothing
cast my limbs
among the rats
Track Name: I Dreamt of Rushing Black Waters
i felt the black waters
cast around and through me
dragging me down
under the surface of sleep
becoming as i was
unclean and empty
holding me tightly
until the break of day
Track Name: I Dreamt of Sawing Black Knives
cutting and wailing
anticipating the demise
of all reason
biting and gnashing
on the tendons of man
and his hymns

staring into the abyss

i dream no more