Sorrow and Fear: Year One

by Kav

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a compilation of all kav material made while the band was a solo project by N.R. remastered for better sound, but done individually, release by release, to maintain their sonic essence.

all material by N.R., written and recorded between december 2014 and december 2015.

tracks 1-5 - Kav
tracks 6-8 - Split with Övin Taravlon
tracks 9-15 - Split with Amargo
tracks 16-19 - Split with Realm of Shadows
tracks 20-24 - Listless Murmuring
track 25 - Split with Avulsion Rupture
tracks 26-28 - Split with Division Black Noise


released July 4, 2017



all rights reserved



raw black/death metal.

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Track Name: I
in the pit
screaming endless
ten circles
encircling faceless
in the center
skull of worm
where dead animals walk
where live ones rot
Track Name: II
dear blade of night
carve quiet carve deep
cut open mine heart
dark waters of joy
sisters of shadow
bring forth mine limbs
and take my hand
and guide me to

where blood trails lead down cobblestone steps
where smoke rises from the angles of earth
where scratch marks lace ceilings and floors
where forgotten whispers haunt

now rotted eyes weep
spit forth the words
cursing all men
draw them down towards
stone of silence
stone of blood
absorbing the path
to take them in

one day
i will go
into the catacombs
one day
i will go
where pale things walk
Track Name: III
oh father of night
grant me passage
into deformed crossings
let your ways be known
consuming my flesh and my spirit
and with your words
touch my heart with poison

boring down
into pathways under darkness
so that they might hasten to weep
dwelling in the realm
of a cavernous mouth of gnashing teeth
crippling all who speak my name
Track Name: IV
eating the flesh of fire
eating the flesh of darkness
working our way through
working our way towards brighter lands
we are
we are feasting darkness
we are
working our way through
Track Name: V
the pious lay silent, breathlessly chanting
twisting into semaphore of darkness
oh wise old dragon, black scales gleaming
grant me the knowledge of hate

and curse my name

i see the smoke of their temples burning
i hear the voices of a hissing choir
i smell the scent of smoldering flesh
i feel the earth fill in my grave

tragedy strikes the shepherd's flock
"save me, father" the children wail
the serpents coil around their bones
to triumph where the martyrs failed

follow the whispers of blood
Track Name: Siphon
one by one led down the path
blindfolded and barefoot
circled up and touched on crown
to mark them free from fear
children laughing pick the bones
of prior nights of pleasure
the mourners chant their mocking hymns
while torturing their ghosts

pathetic and crawling their virtues are washing away
Track Name: Patient Zero
coins rattled in the king's pocket
in his castle by the sea
when he withdrew his wizened hand
he beckoned, "come to me"
"cleave not to the whims of health,
to our mortal coils and dreams"
and drew the blade across his throat
and spilled his tokens three

one for the simple plague
one for leprosy
one for the bloodborne pathogen
we lapped up eagerly
Track Name: Infest
drawing down
into the sphere
of submission
into the granite
a cross to bear
their feeble tombs
never filled
rose from nothing
reaching out
touching death
mouths still empty
flickering knowledge
the fledgling torch
lights the way
towards the night

striking down
nest of fire
the snakes are burning
their plaintive hiss
their blackened scales
oh bless me father
take my hand and guide me to my grave
Track Name: Hecatomb
prince of flies
place my hand
upon the knife
accept my offer
make me into
nothing more
a supplicant
down below
upon the altar
blood is spilled
my heart is here
for you to take
grant me your words
close my eyes
i dream no more
of light above

the offerings are blindfolded and screaming as i speak my vow and
cut cut cut cut cut cut cut
we descend to the door below
Track Name: Pig
split hoof
through wire

pig is split
pig is slit

in blood
through wire

pig is split
pig is slit
Track Name: Transfixed
twisting downward
into spirals of potent negativity
i heed the words of an aging brood
i take their voice within my heart
and transfix
in this moment
where their purulence seems to possess me
i hear the call
i speak their name

take me under
take from me
all i own
i am yours
Track Name: Strangle
around the neck
within the throat
embracing death
it speaks our name
grant me passage
speak your words
touch my face
with grace i will accept

nocturnal father
i am yours
speak to me
as to a child
whisper thorns
into my heart
touch my face
with grace i will accept
Track Name: Below
falling into
a realm of shadow
a realm of fire

take my hand
guide me to
a greater sight
a greater craft

take me down
into the grave
within the crypts
i will accept
Track Name: Disenchant
haunting the ruins
drawing in flies
silently stepping
their souls to take
mine eye i devour
take all from me
descending further
into the abyss

haunting rotting eating
i undivine
haunting rotting eating
i disenchant
Track Name: Despise
i breathe fire
i breathe smoke
i breathe ash

blinded and cursing the light

i recoil
i malign
i despise
Track Name: Deny
twisting into formless sorrow
i felt the air strip skin from bone

i let ten candles' flames pass through me
i felt my breath become the breeze

take all i am from me
i ask for nothing more

i deny
Track Name: Deceive
the spears of truth are piercing through
blood upon the empty streets

i see an empty mind
i see an ethos that's been left behind
of the purest kind
looking through
i see a vapid point of view
cultivated from another's words
i rise above
i live to see your throat torn out
Track Name: I Dreamt of Licking Black Flames
Placed in the pit
hands bound, heads down
drawn to the circle of bliss
the worms cried out
the kindling set
the mocking laughter rose.

Four black words written backwards and bleeding
i saw their stink and
in their twisting and burning
i saw them reach out, saw them weep
hands clutching and yearning
for mercy.

I watched them suffer.
Track Name: I Dreamt of Gnawing Black Rats
And your lord, he cursed me

I was devoured by a lesser soul
he cut me as he spoke my name
he took from me all i was
and gave me nothing.

Destroy me
for i know nothing
cast my limbs
among the rats.
Track Name: I Dreamt of Rushing Black Waters
I felt the black waters
cast around and through me
dragging me down
under the surface of sleep
becoming as i was
unclean and empty
holding me tightly
until the break of day.
Track Name: I Dreamt of Sawing Black Knives
Cutting and wailing
anticipating the demise
of all reason
biting and gnashing
on the tendons of man
and his hymns

Staring into the abyss

I dream no more
Track Name: Weeping and Shuddering, From Cages They Were Led
led under becoming
their shackles to drag
bled wrists in the rain
narrow paths close
drawn to the circle
genuflection the noose
into the dark
their love to take

howling and grasping in temples of roads to the night
they begged
they touched and granted us tongues
that could speak the name
of lovers far below
that mine lips might tremble

i have seen
a realm of shadow
twisting downwards
i have felt
his touch
and taken him in
i am reduced to nothing in his gaze
i have reached where no man can touch

we drank their blood
Track Name: Where the Tongues of Dogs Cannot Reach
deform my tongue
wither my gaze
remove the path
whisper my blood
trilling madness
showed us the signs
blessed be the child
sworn to the night

"oh brutus, still my tongue
i can't bear this insult while we're cloaked in darkness
a hideous notion- that they might breed"
guide me into walls of the dark
make me immune to their blessings
make me immune to their light

take my hand
lead the way
to a place
where the tongues of dogs can't reach
Track Name: Her Heart Pierced by Seven Swords
i will not speak your name
i will avert my eyes
touch me with your cutting hands
dismembered, accept your favor
opened now
to all blessings
guide the way
into your landscapes

twisting and writhing within her folds
i dream no more of
anyone but her
i touch her lips, i am nothing
when compared to her earthly gaze
muscle and sinew to ameliorate

my princess
you suffer so graciously
for my sins
with love i will accept your offer
quiet now
your lovely throat the last untorn
before you leave
bless me with a feeble kiss
Track Name: Three Flames of the Lantern
in the pit
no light to guide my path
no trail to trace my crossing
where no light dwells

in the pit
no light to find my way
the halls absorb my body
where no light dwells