Övin Taravlon​/​Kav

by Kav

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Observance I

Övin Taravlon side can be found at ovintaravlon.bandcamp.com/album/kav-vin-taravlon


released January 26, 2015

N - all except track three, music and lyrics by crowbar



all rights reserved
Track Name: Siphon
one by one led down the path
blindfolded and barefoot
circled up and touched on crown
to mark them free from fear
children laughing pick the bones
of prior nights of pleasure
the mourners chant their mocking hymns
while torturing their ghosts

pathetic and crawling their virtues are washing away
Track Name: Patient Zero
coins rattled in the king's pocket
in his castle by the sea
when he withdrew his wizened hand
he beckoned, "come to me"
"cleave not to the whims of health,
to our mortal coils and dreams"
and drew the blade across his throat
and spilled his tokens three

one for the simple plague
one for leprosy
one for the bloodborne pathogen
we lapped up eagerly