by Kav

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Rite I


released January 16, 2015

N - all



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Track Name: I
in the pit
screaming endless
ten circles
encircling faceless
in the center
skull of worm
where dead animals walk
where live ones rot
Track Name: II
dear blade of night
carve quiet carve deep
cut open mine heart
dark waters of joy
sisters of shadow
bring forth mine limbs
and take my hand
and guide me to

where blood trails lead down cobblestone steps
where smoke rises from the angles of earth
where scratch marks lace ceilings and floors
where forgotten whispers haunt

now rotted eyes weep
spit forth the words
cursing all men
draw them down towards
stone of silence
stone of blood
absorbing the path
to take them in

one day
i will go
into the catacombs
one day
i will go
where pale things walk
Track Name: III
oh father of night
grant me passage
into deformed crossings
let your ways be known
consuming my flesh and my spirit
and with your words
touch my heart with poison

boring down
into pathways under darkness
so that they might hasten to weep
dwelling in the realm
of a cavernous mouth of gnashing teeth
crippling all who speak my name
Track Name: IV
eating the flesh of fire
eating the flesh of darkness
working our way through
working our way towards brighter lands
we are
we are feasting darkness
we are
working our way through
Track Name: V
the pious lay silent, breathlessly chanting
twisting into semaphore of darkness
oh wise old dragon, black scales gleaming
grant me the knowledge of hate

and curse my name

i see the smoke of their temples burning
i hear the voices of a hissing choir
i smell the scent of smoldering flesh
i feel the earth fill in my grave

tragedy strikes the shepherd's flock
"save me, father" the children wail
the serpents coil around their bones
to triumph where the martyrs failed

follow the whispers of blood